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Attract New Customers.
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Delivering striking beauty and lasting durability, TigerDeck’s innovative hardwood decking system delivers the benefits that your customers care about—helping you increase sales and grow your business.

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Striking Beauty. Low Maintenance.

TigerDeck’s unique grain, exotic black striping, and vibrant red, orange, and brown tones deliver a striking look that’s easy to maintain and enjoy.

Incredible Strength & Durability

TigerDeck® is naturally strong and extremely resistant to harsh climates, rot, decay, and insects. That means minimal splitting, splintering, cracking, or warping.

25-Year Warranty

With a lifespan that’s 2-3X longer than typical American softwood decking, TigerDeck® is built to last and proudly backed by an industry-leading, 25-year warranty.

Sustainably Sourced

With fast regeneration and growth, TigerDeck® is an ideal choice for eco-conscious consumers. We work with government agencies in South America to ensure sustainable logging and land management practices. FSC-certified products are available.

Unparalleled Quality

Not all Tigerwood is created equal. We hand select and carefully kiln dry our materials at the finest mills in South America, then process and grade them in the U.S. to ALS standards to ensure impeccable stability and performance.

Processed & Graded in the U.S.

TigerDeck is the first exotic hardwood decking to achieve American Lumber Standard (ALS) grade rule standards, with all deck boards grade-stamped to ensure grade conformance and reliability.

Better Performance. Lower Cost.

With the rising costs, reduced quality, and limited supply of redwood and cedar, TigerDeck offers an excellent alternative—outlasting and outperforming softwoods, while being highly cost-competitive. Even composites that try to emulate the look of TigerDeck often cost more, despite their inferior performance, looks, and lifespan.

Complete Decking System. Extensive R&D.

We don’t just supply lumber—we provide you with a complete decking system, backed by 20 years of testing and research. By combining our impeccable materials with our patented Black Talon® hidden fastening technology, we offer a smart solution unlike any other in our industry.

Decking & Deck Accessories

Create a beautiful space for entertaining that’s guaranteed to last.


Protect your home from the elements and achieve a naturally striking look without paint or finish.


Add an upscale touch to your home’s interior with exotic TigerDeck® hardwood paneling.


TigerDeck® is perfect for enhancing the look of outdoor and indoor porches, as well as gazebos.


Elevate the design of your living space with the sophisticated, high-end aesthetic of TigerDeck® hardwood flooring.

Black Talon® Hidden Fastening System

Simplify installation, while improving the strength and lifespan of your TigerDeck®.

Special Orders

Have an innovative idea? We’re happy to accommodate custom orders.

Unique, In-Demand Product Line

Expand your product offering and attract new customers by offering an innovative hardwood decking system that delivers exotic looks, superior performance, and exceptional value. We offer exclusive regional sales rights to qualified distributors.

Marketing & Sales Support

We provide extensive marketing and sales assistance—from brochures, banners, and other marketing materials to lead generation, technical support, contractor training, and more.

Technical Consulting

Leverage our industry expertise to educate your partners and customers on how best to use and work with TigerDeck—whether they’re a designer, architect, contractor, or even a member of your sales team.

Honest. Transparent. Easy to Work With.

We believe in building solid personal relationships with our distributors. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, ethical, and committed to always doing right by our partners. Let us know how we can help— we’re always just a phone call or email away.

Careful, Selective Sourcing

We start by responsibly sourcing the best quality Tigerwood from sustainable producers in South America. As the highest volume buyer of Tigerwood in North America, we’re incredibly selective and only partner with suppliers who meet our meticulous standards for quality. Every step in our hardwood supply chain—from harvest to the end consumer—meets rigorous criteria for social, economic, and environmental responsibility. 

Unique Kiln Drying Process

Through extensive testing and research, we’ve developed specific drying schedules that ensure the stability and strength of our materials for consistent quality and performance. Our hardwood decking materials are dried to 8% +/- 3SD, which minimizes the chance of cracking, cupping, or shrinking and ensures that they will hold a beautiful finish for years to come—with or without treating.

Patented Hidden Fastening System

To create a complete decking system, we developed the world’s first integrally designed hidden fastening system for use with hardwoods. Our patented Black Talon® hidden fastening system eliminates the need for pre-drilling and makes installation fast and efficient. Our unique, stainless steel design increases construction efficiency, minimizes the need for repair, and extends lifespan over decks with screw down or other fastening systems. Learn more about Black Talon®