With unmatched industry expertise and an unwavering commitment to quality, we’re proud to deliver the best Tigerwood wood decking system on the market.

Highest Volume Importer of Tigerwood in North America
Product Backed by 20 Years of Research & Development
The Only Tigerwood That’s Processed & Graded to U.S. Standards

Our Company Values

We’re Firmly Committed to:


As the highest volume buyer of Tigerwood in North America, we’re incredibly selective and only partner with suppliers who meet our meticulous standards for quality. We’ve done our homework by perfecting our materials and process over the course of 20 years, so we can be the best Tigerwood hardwood supplier and deliver a superior product that’s unlike anything else in our industry.

We responsibly source our Tigerwood from sustainable producers in South America. Every step in our hardwood supplier chain—from harvest to the end consumer—meets rigorous criteria for social, economic, and environmental responsibility, helping us create a sustainable decking system.
Superior Service
We believe that personal relationships are key to our business. We treat our customers like partners and are committed to going the extra mile to do right by everyone we work with. Whether it’s a technical question or a sample request, we’re always available to help.
Customer Satisfaction
We want our customers to enjoy their TigerDeck® for years to come. We’re committed to delivering products that are long-lasting and easy to maintain and proudly stand behind everything we sell by offering an industry-leading, 25-year warranty.

Our History: The Story of TigerDeck®

TigerDeck® was founded in the U.S. by two lumber experts dedicated to developing a superior hardwood decking system—one that could overcome the shortcomings of traditional American softwood and composite wood decking.
Finding the Right Materials
Knowing that hardwoods would offer better durability, we began by testing over 40 hardwood species from around the world for looks, strength, quality, sustainability, and value. After experimenting with different hardwood types and drying processes, we selected Tigerwood for our hardwood supplier product—a hearty, exotic species that matches or exceeds the performance characteristics of Ipe, while being more sustainable and less expensive. We knew that it’s striking beauty with vibrant red, orange, and brown tones and exotic, black striped grain would deliver something unique to the marketplace—offering a sophisticated, upscale look at a competitive price.
Perfecting Our Process
Knowing that proper drying is key for ensuring the stability and performance of Tigerwood, we began testing various drying processes and schedules that would allow us to consistently deliver a high-quality material with incredible strength and durability. We refined our unique kiln drying process over 20 years and as a result, TigerDeck® significantly outperforms other Tigerwood products on the market—with one of the lowest claim rates in the industry.
Creating a Complete System

After perfecting our material, we set out to create a complete sustainable decking system that would elevate performance even further. This led us to develop our patented Black Talon® Hidden Fastening System, the world’s first integrally designed hidden fastening system for use with hardwoods. This innovative technology eliminates the need for pre-drilling, making installation more efficient and outlasting decks with screw-down or other fastening systems. As our fastening clips are hidden, the system also helps maintain Tigerwood’s high-end look, eliminating drill holes that can negatively impact the appearance and cause premature cracking or splitting. As a result, customers can count on their Tigerwood wood decking to stay incredibly strong and remarkably beautiful for years to come—with minimal maintenance required.