TigerDeck’s BlackTalon® Universal Deck Fasteners

BlackTalon® is our unique hidden deck fasteners made from stainless steel. These hardwood deck clips increase construction efficiency, minimize the need for repair, and extend the deck’s lifespan over decks with screw-down or other hidden deck fastening systems. Two innovative BlackTalon® hardwood deck clips are available: a standard clip with legs that straddle a two-inch joist and an angled clip to accommodate deck boards that are not perpendicular to the joist or joists that are wider than two inches.

These TigerDeck® hidden deck fasteners work by fastening the screw through the clip into the joist—not through the edge of the deck board. The ‘wings’ of the clip apply even pressure to both sides and hold the board extremely tight to the joist. Memory inherent in the stainless steel, along with the innovative wing design, allows these hardwood deck clips to flex with the joist system and wood movement. This flexibility and design are critical in maintaining continuous holding power and providing access to the screw to replace or tighten deck boards.

TigerDeck’s BlackTalon® Universal Deck Fasteners will work with any profiled deck board.