TigerDeck® Tigerwood decking installed with our clip system is meant to last a lifetime. It is best to use care in installation so that replacement is not necessary. However, in the event a board must be replaced, use the following instructions:

Have the replacement board(s) ready. Select straight boards and cut to length. Remove the old board by removing screws and cutting one side about 2″ from end allowing the board to be rotated, lifted and slipped out. ugh the piece on either side of the clips an inch or two away from the joist. Remove screws and clips except for clips at butt which are still connected to other board (remove if at end) clean tops of joists. Replace clips on joists along one side. Break off leg on side of existing boards adjacent to board being replaed and slide clip back far enough to allow new clips (with legs removed) to be slid down groove of existing board. Slide new board into place and make sure clips are in the groove on one edge (See Illustration below), Slide clips with legs removed back into position to be re-tightened.