TigerDeck’s Hardwood Decking Has Exotic Beauty. Incredible Versatility.

TigerDeck’s unique look and lasting durability are perfect for elevating the design and performance of a variety of applications.

TigerDeck’s Innovative Product Line:

Stunning Hardwood Decking, Paneling, Siding & Much More

All TigerDeck® products are made with the same species of Tigerwood. From our exotic hardwood decking to our stunning and sophisticated flooring, paneling, and siding, we manufacture each of our products using identical processing standards and sustainable procedures. This ensures that all of our Tigerwood hardwood products consistently deliver the same superior quality, strength, durability, and beauty. Because of our choice of lumber and meticulous processing standards, we proudly stand behind each of our Tigerwood hardwood products with an industry-leading 25-year warranty. From exotic hardwood decking with rich, warm tones and striking grains to gorgeous natural siding, paneling, and flooring, all TigerDeck® products are guaranteed to last.

Hardwood Decking, Paneling & Flooring

Wood Decking System & Deck Accessories

Create a beautiful space for entertaining that’s guaranteed to last. TigerDeck offers a complete range of decking products, including:

  • A wide selection of deck board sizes
  • Fascia
  • Deck Tiles
  • Stepping
  • Posts
  • Trim
Hardwood Decking, Paneling & Flooring


Protect your home from the elements and keep that natural look without painting or finishing.

  • Available in 1×4 and 1×6 ship lap
  • Rain screen
  • Other profiles available for special order

    Porches / Paneling

    TigerDeck porch flooring and paneling is perfect for enriching the look of outdoor and indoor porches, as well as gazebos.

        • Manufactured to the same tongue and groove specifications as standard hardwood interior flooring (except length and end matching)
        • Length structure: 8’ – 12’ with the same face widths (3.125” and 5.125”)
        • Reversible, square edge and V-groove


    Elevate the design of your living space with the sophisticated, high-end aesthetic of TigerDeck hardwood flooring.

    • Made to standard flooring sizes and patterns
    • Tongue and groove end matched with back out
    • Standard sizes are face widths of 3.125” and 5.125″ • Thickness: 0.75”
    • Length structure: 1.5’ – 7.5’ with an average length of 4’ – 5’

      BlackTalon® Hidden Fastening System

      Our patented hidden fastening system is the world’s first integrally designed hidden fastening system for use with hardwoods. This innovative system eliminates the need for pre-drilling, making installation of our materials fast and efficient in any wood decking system.

      Our unique, stainless steel design greatly increases construction efficiency, minimizes the need for repair, and extends lifespan compared to decks with screw-down or other fastening systems. Read more about BlackTalon® Universal Deck Fasteners here.

      • Stainless steel black oxide treated clips and screws
        • Much stronger and more reliable than plastic, aluminum, or fiberglass alternatives
        • Two innovative clips available
      • Works in all grooved deck boards
      • Strong, even holding power
      • Moves with expansion and contraction while staying tight
      • Easy access to tighten or replace boards
      • Clip legs hold clip to joist during standard installation
      • Clip legs provide even gapping for both angle and standard installation

      Special Orders

      Want to use TigerDeck for something else? We’re happy to accommodate special orders of most hardwood decking, flooring, or paneling, and we can provide technical consulting on how best to use and work with our materials. Contact us to learn more.

      About Tigerwood

      Tigerwood is a visually striking, exotic hardwood from Central and South America. It varies in color from reds and oranges to dark brown tones and derives its name from its unique, variform black striping. As one of the most durable hardwoods in the world, it delivers a long lifespan to every project, while being remarkably low maintenance.

      TigerDeck® vs. Other Alternatives

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