Tools Required to Install your TigerDeck® Tigerwood Deck

TigerDeck® provides a patented hidden fastening system to eliminate unsightly penetrations in the Tigerwood deck. Our clip design allows the clip to flex with the underlying joist system while maintaining rock solid holding power. The clips are stainless steel alloy and come with star drive bits and stainless steel screws. The black oxide treatment on clips and screws will last a lifetime. Clips gap to 3/16” by design. For installation over 4” joists or 45 degree (herringbone) applications an angle clip is available from your distributor which does everything our standard clip (which slides over 2” joists) will do.

Circular Saw (we recommend a minimum of 12 amp power) with sharp carbide tipped hardwood crosscut blade.

Saw Horses allow trimming at a safe working height. You may want to set up a miter saw or radial arm saw for safety, speed and accuracy in trimming.

Reversible Electric Drill (we recommend minimum 12 volt power if cordless) with variable speed settings and clutch. You will need drill bits and screws to pre-drill holes for occasional stainless steel face screws.

Bow Wrench is essential for proper installation of TigerDeck Tigerwood deck boards using our patented stainless steel clips. If your lumberyard does not stock the Bow Wrench you can call them directly at 800-466-9626. An excellent alternative tool is the Hardwood Wrench

You may need additional tools depending on the complexity of the project. For example; if you wish to really dress up your deck (takes very little extra time and effort) by plugging exposed screws you would need: a plug cutter (Pro-Plug System), a diameter matching counter sink drill bit, glue (we recommend exterior Titebond III) and a belt sander (always sand with the grain and use 120 grit or finer sand paper).