We are a production company that values an eco-friendly and healthy living environment. With these values in mind, we have organized our production in a way that will leave our future generations with a worthy living environment.
Our trump is long-term experience and trustworthiness
Log houses
A modern log house provides a healthy living environment for you. We offer log house projects in the following categories: log houses for residence, log cabins, public log buildings, and log saunas based on years of experience in log house planning, engineering, manufacturing, and building.
Prefab houses
Prefabricated houses are a great way to build yourself an energy-efficient house quickly and efficiently. In the past few decades, prefab houses have proven to be one of the most durable and sustainable types of residential buildings. Also known as kit houses, they are mostly sold in the UK.
We believe in quality
Using ISO-certified quality management systems, we ensure that our products are of consistently high quality. As a result of our well-planned processes and quality checks, we are able to offer the best value for money.
Consult a professional construction expert
We’d love to help you come up with effective solutions for your next home project.